Warts, or verrucae, pose a persistent, frustrating problem for many people. These areas of affected skin have been recorded throughout the history of man, affecting children as well as adults. A common problem seen in our Plano dermatology practice, warts may persist for several months without the proper treatment.

The development of a wart begins with the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) viral infection. This virus has over 100 recognized types, and may affect the skin almost anywhere on the body. Areas where warts tend to occur include the hands and feet (called plantars warts), although we also see these lesions on the face, elbows, and knees. Occurring more frequently in children than adults, warts are picked up more easily in areas of the skin that may be exposed, and can be caused by touching a person or object that has come into contact with the HPV virus. While infection that can cause warts is contagious, touching someone who has a wart does not necessarily mean that you will get one. There is no way to assure, one way or the other, that a wart will develop or not. However, encouraging children to wash their hands regularly, especially when a cut or scrape has occurred, can minimize risk. It is also wise to wear appropriate shoes when using public showers.

Warts have different types and appearances. If in question, your dermatologist can help you determine if, indeed, a spot on the skin is a wart. In our dermatology practice, we can also properly treat warts for a return to healthy skin.

Common warts, which appear in a gray-brown dome shape, tend to have rough surfaces. Some describe the common wart as looking like cauliflower. These warts are usually noticed on the hands, fingers, knees, and elbows. Flat warts are usually small, like a pinhead. These lesions are usually somewhat smooth, and are flat. They may appear yellow, flesh-toned, or pink, and tend to occur on the face. However, a flat wart may also grow on the hands, arms, or knees, and may grow in clusters. Plantar warts are those that grow on the bottoms of feet. This type of wart can be quite discomforting, as it is constantly felt when walking, like a pebble in the shoe. Filiform warts are flesh-toned and shaped like a finger. These lesions are usually noticed on the face, around the eyes, nose, or mouth.

U.S. Dermatology Partners Plano, formerly the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery is equipped with the expertise and tools to treat warts quickly and effectively. Contact us for your appointment in Plano, Flower Mound, or McKinney.

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