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Loose, wrinkled skin is a common problem for people as they age. Beginning in our mid to late twenties, our body’s natural production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid declines, which are all needed to keep the skin smooth, hydrated, and firm. Thankfully, there is Profound.

Profound is a minimally invasive, energy based treatment that stimulates the creation of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It is a great non-surgical alternative to a lower facelift for those who want to avoid: cutting, risk of nerve injury, the potential for an windswept or unnatural look, and a prolonged recovery. It requires only one treatment and local anesthesia only. At the U.S. Dermatology Partners, we’re proud to offer our patients this revolutionary treatment.

How Profound Works

Profound is different than other heat based treatments that send energy from the outside of the skin. Instead, Profound uses radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate the skin at deep levels, stimulating the body’s own healing process. It also uses microneedling technology which creates tiny injuries to the skin so that the thermal energy can reach the deep dermal layers. These tiny injuries stimulate the body’s production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to build new tissue. Profound can be used on multiple areas of the body with patients experiencing the following results:

  • Lifting and added volume to the mid-face area
  • Lifting in sagging jowls
  • Decrease in chin fat
  • Improved contouring of the jaw line
  • Tightening of the skin on the neck
  • Decrease in wrinkles
  • Acne scar improvement
  • Smoothing out of cellulite on thighs and buttocks
  • Decrease in sagging skin under the arms

The Profound procedure

Profound is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be done in our office under local anesthesia with patient awake. There is no cutting involved with the procedure and it can usually be completed in an hour. The Profound device will be moved along the desired treatment area, delivering thermal energy through micro-injuries to the deep layers of tissue underneath the skin. Because the needles are so tiny, there is no bleeding during treatment. A stream of cool air is used during treatment to keep you comfortable. Just one treatment session is required in order to achieve results.

Following the treatment, patients can expect a 7-10 day recovery period. Common side effects from Profound may include swelling, redness, bruising, and bumps and pinpoint bleeding. It is important to follow the post-treatment care instructions after the procedure. This includes washing the treated area twice each day with a mild cleanser and applying a special healing moisturizer several times each day.

Patients can expect to start noticing improvements within about 2 months. As the production of collagen and elastin continues, optimal results will usually be seen in about 3-6 months. It’s important to use broad spectrum sun protection of at least SPF 30 in the weeks following the treatment. Make-up can be worn after 48 hours. Individuals will need to wait at least 7-10 days to use any sort of skin care products containing retinols, acids, or retin-A.

Results from Profound treatments can be long lasting as we have effectively reversed the aging process. Still, depending on age, health and skin care, skin will still continue to age naturally over time.

Candidates for Profound treatment

Patients who are interested in lifting or contouring cheeks, eliminating loose jowls, tightening the lower face or jawline, or smoothing out cellulite without having a surgical procedure are all great candidates for Profound treatment. The procedure is not appropriate for patients with severe skin laxity or patients with dark skin tones as it can lead to hyperpigmentation.

If you are unhappy with wrinkled, sagging skin that makes you look older, or are tired of visible cellulite when you wear shorts, U.S. Dermatology Partners can help. Our team is committed to helping patients love the way they look through comprehensive dermatological treatments and cutting-edge technology. If you are in the Plano, McKinney, Flower Mound, or Grapevine, TX areas, we invite you to call 972-985-9003to schedule your risk-free consultation.


What does the Profound treatment feel like?

Profound treatments are done under local anesthetic, so patients will feel little to no discomfort. Patients who are anxious may also opt for other sedatives. Patients using any sort of sedation will need to arrange for transportation to and from treatment. Following treatment, it’s normal to feel discomfort and swelling for 3-7 days.

How long does Profound treatment take?

Profound is a fast, effective single treatment that can be completed in under an hour.

Who is a good candidate for Profound treatment?

The best candidates for Profound are patients who are in good health and looking to diminish the signs of lower face aging without surgery. It’s a great non-surgical alternative to facelifts or necklifts.

What is the recovery for Profound treatments?

Patients can expect to have some bruising, swelling, redness, and pinpoint bleeding for about 7-10 days after treatment. Patients are free to resume normal activities the following day and to wear makeup 48 hours after the procedure.

How does Profound differ from a facelift?

Profound is a non-surgical procedure which means there is no cutting and no lengthy recovery time. Profound is very effective at diminishing wrinkling and loose, sagging skin, however it will not produce the same level of tightening as a facelift.

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