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Blue Light For Acne
Xtrac Laser For Psoriasis And Vitiligo
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JULY 2013 Newsletter

Blue Light For Acne
BLU-U Light Therapy is a highly effective and state of the art dermatological treatment that clears skin of acne. It achieves this by destroying the specific bacteria that cause acne breakouts. The fluorescent blue light used in this procedure is highly toxic to the bacteria (P. acnes) that are implicated in triggering acne breakouts.

BLU-U Light Therapy is a treatment that is quick, pain-free and effective. The light used in this treatment only affects the sebaceous glands of the skin and does not cause any harmful effects.

Light treatment can be used in conjunction with oral and topical medications to achieve a comprehensive treatment plan that is safe and effective at clearing acne. A typical schedule for BLU-U light therapy is two quick and easy treatments per week, separated by at least 2 days, for four weeks. No downtime, and no recovery!

For severe cases of acne, Levulan Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a modification of the BLU-U light therapy in which Levulan solution is applied to affected areas of acne to "supercharge" the effects of the blue light after a 45-60 minute incubation period with the Levulan. Typically, for photodynamic therapy, patients are treated with two to four treatments, three weeks apart. It is important to avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after any Levulan treatment, and to use SPF physical block of 30 or greater.

Please call us at 972 985 9003 to see how light therapy can safely and effectively treat your acne
Xtrac Laser For Psoriasis And Vitiligo
XTRAC LASER is an FDA-cleared dermatology treatment system for the effective treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. This system makes use of a narrowband wavelength of light to effectively and safely reduce the signs and symptoms of psoriasis in 10 to 12 quick treatment sessions. The laser works very well also for vitiligo, but more treatments are needed. We have seen much longer disease-free remissions with laser therapy than topical creams. We have also seen long-lasting repigimentation in vitiligo. There is a co-pay assistance program to help with the costs of the procedure.

Please call 972 985 9003 to inquire about this safe and effective treatment covered by most major insurance plans!
Under Eye Aging And Dark Circles In Both Men And Women
Both men and women are bothered by under eye aging and dark circles. These issues are normally caused by genetics, aging, fatigue, and stress. New and effective treatments can help significantly! Dermal fillers including Restylane or Juvederm effectively decrease tissue hollowness, leading to smoother, younger contours to the tear trough area. Botox is also very effective for the area around the eye and decreases wrinkles which form with movement. It can also be used to give a wider, more open -eyed appearance. Under eye creams can also be used to strengthen collagen, elastin, and further decrease dark coloration to give a vibrant, youthful, and awakened appearance.

Recognizing that under eye aging and dark circles are common and bothersome problems facing our patients, we often recommend the following products that are excellent to achieve youthful and beautiful results:

Eye Rejuvenation Cream
Contains retinol, green tea, peptides, and chelators that aid in reducing
  under eye dark circles, eye puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.
Smoothens overall texture around the eyes.
Contains dipeptide VW, which stimulates proper lymphatic drainage for a
  more balanced tissue structure
Contains Vitamin K and arnica that help to diminish bruising and

Hydrating Serum
formulated for all skin types
safe for eye, face, lip and neck
delivers super hydration to smooth and plump the skin
restores a natural glowing appearance

Please call 972 985 9003 and ask for Ashley to help you with our amazing under eye treatment plans!
Laser Hair Removal
Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be if you never had to shave or wax anymore? We are happy to announce that we can make that dream a reality with laser hair removal. At our practice, we use the state of the art and safe Soprano XLi laser to perform the procedure. This laser helps us to perform the procedure in a pain-free and safe manner to provide the optimum hair-free results to our patients. One key advantage of this laser is that it can be used on virtually all skin colors safely.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective treatment to get rid of unwanted hair with the goal of permanent and effective removal. For the best and most long-lasting results, patients need to undergo several sessions of treatment.
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