Narrowband UVB

UV rays are those that we find in natural sunlight. Through years of scientific study, UVB light has been discovered to be an effective treatment for conditions such as vitiligo and psoriasis. These rays penetrate the skin and elicit a biological response that slows the accelerated growth of psoriasis skin cells. Although effective, treating psoriasis or vitiligo with natural sunlight is not as simple as it may sound.

Dermatologists use narrowband UVB light, which has been shown to clear psoriasis more quickly, and also promote longer remission times than broadband UVB. What’s more, the energy of narrowband UVB is a mere 1 percent of that which is found in natural sunlight. What this means to the patient is the effective treatment of psoriasis without the risk of the damaging effects of sunburn.

Treating psoriasis or vitiligo with narrowband UVB includes exposing affected skin to this artificial light for a predetermined period of time, within a regimented treatment plan. Due to the characteristics of narrowband versus broadband, exposure time may be increased, and the number of treatments decreased.

This form of light therapy may be used on its own or in conjunction with other forms of psoriasis treatment. Safe and effective for both children and adults, narrowband UVB treatment is suitable for those with minimal scale buildup who are responsive to natural sunlight, which most people are. For those with moderate to severe psoriasis or vitiligo, narrowband UVB light may be the ideal solution for clearer skin.

Caring for skin affected by psoriasis or vitiligo takes commitment, but we have the tools to help you experience a clearing of these conditions with safe, effective light therapy performed in our comfortable dermatology practice. Many people find treatment with narrowband UVB to be a huge success, with prolonged remission possible through maintenance treatments.

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