Hearing a diagnosis of skin cancer can cause anxiety. We understand the questions our patients may have, and take the time to hear your concerns while providing you with the latest technology for the removal of skin cancers.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery provides for the highest level cure rates for most skin cancers. This technique allows for systematic microscopic evaluation of the affected tissue, and is known as one of the best methods of skin cancer removal today. The procedure allows for the most complete microscopically controlled tumor eradication prior to repair. Our patients may have their Mohs consultation the same day they learn of skin cancer, obtaining necessary information right away. Designed for quick, effective removal of non-melanoma cancers, Mohs is completed in one visit, and you are back to life as usual within one to two weeks.

Mohs skin cancer surgery, first developed in the 1930s, is intended for the highest standard of lesion and tumor removal. This surgical procedure differs from the traditional excision removal in the following ways:
  • The technique used in Mohs surgery allows for the preservation of a higher amount of healthy tissue surrounding a cancerous lesion, and therefore leads to better aesthetic results.
  • During Mohs surgery, we are able to view 100% of the margins around a lesion.
  • Tissue removed during Mohs surgery is immediately evaluated under a microscope, allowing us to confirm all affected tissue has been removed.
  • Mohs is highly effective, with a cure rate between 97- 99% for most cancerous lesions. Following this procedure, there is as low as 1 percent chance of recurrence in the same area.
  • With head and neck reconstruction specialist Dr. Gilbert Selkin in our practice, a secondary reconstructive procedure can be performed the same day. This also allows our patients to enjoy full repair within our family of practitioners.


Dr. Snavely completed residency in dermatology at University of Virginia, serving as Chief Resident during his final year. His pursuit of knowledge and skill did not end there. Under the tutelage of renowned surgeons, Dr. Anna Bar and Dr. Neil Swanson, he completed a rigorous Fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery. This training, along with subsequent years of clinical experience in caring for many patients and a vast number of skin cancers, makes Dr. Snavely a true expert in skin cancer treatment. He understands the anxiety a skin cancer diagnosis can produce, and handles each patient with compassion and concern.

We provide for full-service treatment of skin cancer, and ensure our patients are comfortable throughout their treatment program. Before and after your Mohs procedure, you are welcome to sit and relax in our well-appointed waiting room, complete with television and reading material. Upon the completion of removal and repair, we continue to follow your progress while the site is healing to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

We are committed to providing superior service and results to our patients. Contact us to schedule your dermatology appointment today.

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