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By U.S. Dermatology Partners | Blog May 16, 2019

Our Mohs Specialist in Plano Treats Various Forms of Skin Cancer

No one wants to find out they have cancer, it can cause a great deal of worrying and stress. At our Plano area dermatology office, we want our patients to know that while a skin cancer diagnosis can be scary, many types are curable with the help of Mohs micrographic surgery. Dr. Selkin works with Mohs specialist named Dr. Michael Wells, who has years of training and experience to help remove skin cancer and get patients on the road to recovery quickly.

What is Mohs?

Mohs is an in-office procedure for removing skin cancer. Mohs is different from other types of treatment of skin cancer such as excision, freezing, cutting, or scraping. It’s important to note that these methods are still valid, and in many cases, they can be the best solution for treatment.

One of the biggest advantages to Mohs micrographic surgery is that it takes the guesswork out of skin cancer removal. The goal of Mohs is to remove the entire skin cancer, one layer at a time. This progressive procedure carefully removes one layer at a time. That layer is then evaluated under a microscope to determine if there is any cancer left. This process is repeated until there are no abnormal cells visible in the removed layer.

The Mohs difference

There are many reasons that Mohs has become the standard treatment for so many types of skin cancer:

  • High success rate. Mohs has over a 99% cure rate for newly diagnosed cancers, and 95% for recurrent cancers.
  • Mohs is conservative. Because the cancer is removed in thin layers, the doctor is able to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible.
  • The lesion’s margins can be viewed 100 percent.
  • There is no stressful waiting period; the removed layers of tissue are reviewed immediately for signs of cancer.
  • Reconstruction can be completed much sooner than other methods.

As with any type of cancer, early detection is important. The sooner the cancer is diagnosed, the better the prognosis. To learn more about Mohs and find out if it is the right treatment for your cancer, visit your Plano area specialist at the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery.

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