Learn about the types of skin diseases and lesions, also treatments

At the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery, our professionals work closely with patients who are interested in quality care for the hair, skin, nails, and body. Treatments for skin lesions and disease are just a few of the options available for patients in the Plano, TX area with Dr. Bryan Selkin and his team.

Skin diseases and lesions

Dr. Selkin Bryan at Dermatology Center explains what Skin diseases and lesions are

There are many concerns that may develop on the skin for which patients may be interested in seeking the assistance of a professional dermatologist. Below are just a few of the common reasons a patient may call a specialist:

  • Warts – warts are caused by HPV, a common virus that results in the development of skin lesions. These lesions are often skin-colored and may appear anywhere on the body, though they are most often seen on the hands and feet. Warts can sometimes spread into an important structure or create scarring. There are many new treatments that we used to combat warts effectively.
  • Acne – acne is not just a condition experienced by teenagers. Adult acne is common as well. The team at the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery work with patients of all ages who are unhappy with their red, inflamed skin and continued development of pustules, whiteheads, and blackheads. Our team of professionals can provide a proper diagnosis and discuss effective treatment options, in order to clear the acne, associated discoloration, and prevent scarring.
  • Rosacea – rosacea is a condition that can develop on fair-skinned individuals and results in facial redness and acne type lesions. It can become extremely severe, causing redness and swelling of the eyes and skin. The condition may flare-up with exposure to certain elements, making it a chronic condition that can be managed by many of our patients with proper customized treatment plans. From creams to pills to lasers, there have been many advanced in rosacea treatment.
  • Facial veins/redness – broken or diseased capillaries may cause visible veins and redness of the skin. Our practice provides sclerotherapy and laser treatments for patients to consider when combatting this condition.
  • Moles – moles are clusters of melanin that have developed on the skin. They are often present at birth. However, when they develop, they need to be monitored closely. This is because moles can occasionally turn into a dangerous skin cancer. Regular skin cancer screenings should be performed annually for all patients with any changing lesions or risks factors for melanoma, which involves a head-to-toe evaluation of the skin.
  • Skin cancer – when patients have been diagnosed with skin cancer, they need to work with a professional to determine the type of cancer present, the stage it is in, and the treatment options available. Cancer can be a scary concept, but with early diagnosis and intervention, most patients can be completely cured.
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Treatments available

Dr. Selkin Bryan explains what Treatments available at Dermatology Center

After patients receive a proper diagnosis from a medical professional regarding their condition, they can then work with their provider to learn about the available treatments. Some conditions may have more than one option, so it is essential that patients educate themselves on the solutions available to make a knowledgeable decision about their care. Treatment options for skin diseases and lesions may include:

When patients receive a diagnosis of a specific skin issue, they are then advised of the possible treatment options that can be used to bring their skin back to health and beauty. Learning about the available treatments is the first step after diagnosis in determining how to address the condition. Our team walks patients through the solutions that can be used to achieve the results they desire. Many of our treatments far exceed our patients’ expectations.

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