Latisse Plano - Cosmetic Club
A common aesthetic concern for which there is now a solution is the lack of prominent eyelashes. For many, especially those with fair complexions, eyelashes are barely visible, and possibly even sparse. Rather than attempt a temporary fix on a daily basis with makeup, there is a medical approach to grow more visible eyelashes.

We are happy to offer Latisse for those who would like to see a long-lasting improvement in the look of their lashes. Latisse is a prescription medication, not a cosmetic. Its advantages were discovered over a decade ago, when patients using the glaucoma drug bimatoprost experienced longer, darker, thicker eyelashes. Since that time in the early 2000s, research has shown this drug to enhance lashes by encouraging better growth.

Latisse is a daily topical medication that is easily applied with supplied, sterile applicators. Because medication is placed in the area of the eye, care is necessary to use only sterile applicators on cleansed eyelids, after the removal of contact lenses, if worn. Latisse is simply dabbed onto the eye at the upper lashes, and it will spread to the lower lashes with blinking. Within about eight weeks of daily use, lashes will begin to look more pronounced.

Our eyelash hairs are just like the hairs on our head. They grow in cycles and, at some point, fall out. With Latisse, the active growth phase seems to be extended, and the number of hairs increased. In clinical trials, optimal results were experienced in three to four months of daily application. At that point, most people experience a 25 percent increase in length, a dramatic 100 percent improvement in the fullness of lashes, and an 18 percent increased in darkness.

Latisse can transform the look of your eyes, bringing about naturally thicker, darker, longer lashes with daily use. When this topical drug is stopped, lashes will go back to their former condition over time, but with continued use, it may be possible to apply Latisse only every other day rather than daily.

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