Enjoy Pain-Free Hair Removal Courtesy Of The Latest Laser Technology

Young woman receiving laser hair removal on her legsThere are only two methods of effective, permanent hair removal: lasers/intense pulsed light, and electrolysis. Yet, when you take overall experience and comfort into account, the laser/intense pulsed light option stands out in a good way.

To understand why lasers are a better option for permanent hair removal, you need to understand how each of these alternatives works.

Getting to know: Electrolysis

This method gets its name from the tiny pulse of electrical current that is applied to the treatment area to destroy the follicle, from which hair grows.

The electrical current is administered directly to the follicle by way of a needle that is often thinner than the hair being treated. Even pro-electrolysis websites, such as the American Electrology Association, note individual tolerances vary greatly. They describe a sensation of heat or a pinch. Add to this consideration, that some areas of the body may be very sensitive, and the fact that each hair follicle must be treated separately.

Getting to know: Lasers

Instead of a pulse of electrical current passing through a hair follicle, Dr. Bryan Selkin and his team at the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery will pass a pulse of light through this sac to slow hair growth.

This light is delivered through a laser beam or via a technology known as intense pulsed light. Generally, lasers/intense pulsed light for hair removal target the pigment within the follicles and shafts. These structures of hair then absorb the light energy. This process eventually impedes the hair’s natural growth cycle.

Unlike electrolysis, due to the nature of the technology many hairs can be treated at one time instead of one hair at a time. The Alma Soprano XL is a Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ treatment, which means that you should feel little more than a mild sensation of warmth. Constant motion helps to achieve such comfort. Following treatment, you may notice mild and fleeting redness and swelling.

As with many dermatological treatments, skin can be particularly sensitive following the procedure. Be sure to apply a full-spectrum UVA-UVB sunscreen should you be out in the sun. Otherwise, you can return to normal activities.

On the other hand, for the first 24 hours following electrolysis it’s suggested you avoid a number of activities that could irritate the hair follicle (such as exercise where you might sweat excessively or makeup application).

In the weeks following laser/intense pulsed light hair removal, you may see what looks like hair regrowth. This is actually treated hairs being shed. Multiple treatments may be required for permanent hair removal, as follicles must be treated during their active growth stage. The number of sessions and treatment duration differs by patient and area to be treated.

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal in McKinney can also be compared favorably to traditional and often uncomfortable methods to remove hair temporarily, such as tweezing, waxing, and shaving. There is a better way. Call 972-985-9003 to find out more about this permanent, safe solution.

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