Our Skin Tightening Technologies Are Effective for Wrinkle Treatments

elderly women with Perfect faceRepeated expressions may be to blame for the worry or smile lines on your forehead or around your mouth, but you frequently have lax skin to blame for deeper lines and wrinkles.

While extrinsic or external factors such as smoking and tanning can worsen wrinkles, we all get them at some point as the result of the natural aging process.

Skin may become loose due to:

  • A decrease in natural moisturizers, such as hyaluronic acid
  • Less production of firming collagen
  • Fewer elastin fibers for flexibility
  • Decreased fat in skin’s deeper layers

Dr. Selkin focuses on the causes of loose skin, which promote wrinkles.

He uses the Alma Harmony In-Motion skin tightening treatments. This system targets the inner layer of skin, the dermis, with near-infrared light technology.

Unlike other similar technologies which can tighten and smooth, redness and swelling are minimized so you can carry on with your work and daily activities after the session. Healing isn’t an issue because the treatment is comfortable, thanks to an important feature: water-absorbing wavelengths are filtered out.

While a comfortable treatment, Alma Harmony reaches deep enough under the skin to produce structural changes, such as increased collagen. Some of these changes take time, but you may notice an immediate improvement in your appearance. Over months, those improvements are amplified as you start to see the changes at work underneath the surface layers of your skin.

The Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery can also target your specific concern, such as wrinkles and fine lines, with the Laser 360 protocol. It can also target a number of other issues not related to skin laxity, such as sun damage.

If those anti-wrinkle and tightening creams haven’t worked and you aren’t ready to go under the knife, there is no need to throw more money out the window on empty promises, or to have an unnecessary surgery. Today’s science and technologies have advanced to the point Dr. Selkin and his team can offer effective wrinkle treatments in Plano TX with little to no risks and no need for painful, lengthy and disruptive healing time. Call 972-985-9003 to learn about these and other options.

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