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By Dr. Bryan Selkin | Blog May 16, 2019

Can patients in Plano turn to injectable fillers for aging skin?

Doesn’t everyone want to put their best face forward? Nearly everyone cares a lot about their appearance, and issues like acne can have a profound impact on them. Acne can be particularly hard during the adolescent years. It’s a time of great changes in a teenager’s life and dealing with skin breakouts and scarring can be very difficult.

Most people have had a pimple at some point in their lives. Unfortunately for some, it goes beyond the occasional breakout. Patients suffering from chronic acne are often left with faces covered in blackheads or whiteheads, and some bear the scars of acne for years after it has “gone away.” Because everyone’s skin is different, most over-the-counter solutions are ineffective for treating severe acne. We have several treatment options that can help restore your skin to a healthy, youthful glow and dramatically reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Treating adolescent acne

With proper treatment, acne can be effectively treated. The first tip is to avoid excessive washing and scrubbing, as it can make the acne worse. Gentle washing in the morning and evening with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water work best to remove excess sebum.

Topical treatments are a great option for mild cases of acne. These medications come in gels, lotions and creams, some of the most common being benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, salicylic acid, and retinoids. Oral antibiotics are another option that can be very effective. Some of the most common antibiotics are doxycycline, minocycline, ampicillin, bactrim and erythromycin. For patients who are not candidates for pills or creams or prefer not to use them, Blu light therapy can be markedly effective. Safe wavelengths of light are used to ill the bacteria that cause acne, in short treatments with no recovery. For many patients, combination therapy can be the best method for complete treatment.

Acne is not a condition that can be cured, but it can be controlled until it naturally goes away, in order to avoid scarring and maximize appearance . With proper treatment, we can reduce outbreaks and help prevent or improve acne scars. To schedule a visit with our Plano area team and discuss acne treatment options, call us today.

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