Details on Botox treatments in the office of Dr. Bryan Selkin

The look of our skin is impacted by a number of different factors, such as exposure to the elements, lifestyle choices like smoking, stress, and time itself. With age comes biochemical changes, as well, which also affect the condition of the skin. At some point, most of us will begin to notice sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Often, lines appear as a result of facial expressions.

Every time we laugh, smile, frown, or make a funny face, we use specific muscles around the mouth, the eyes, and on the forehead. Youthful skin will wrinkle in the act of expression, but smooth out once facial muscles have relaxed. As our skin ages, however, the muscles we use most frequently tone up and the overlying skin will remain creased or furrowed at all times. For many men and women, the solution to such changes in the skin is Botox.

The capabilities of Botox

Botox was the original injectable solution for the signs of aging, developed from purified botulinum toxin type A. Before cosmetic use, this solution was commonly used in the treatment of various muscular impairments. What Botox does in the body is repress the activity of nerve cells, thus cutting off signaling between nerves and muscles. In cosmetic use, the nerve cells targeted are those responsible for furrows and wrinkles. With just a small amount of Botox, a muscle is placed into a more relaxed state so that overlying skin can become smooth and supple.

Who Botox may help

Millions of adult men and women desire a return to their more youthful self, aesthetically speaking. For most of these people, Botox is a suitable form of treatment. This safe, effective treatment smoothes the skin between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and can be used to raise or lower eyebrows and make other fine adjustments to the face. Depending on the extent of rejuvenation desired, Botox may be combined with dermal fillers or other cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

The Botox procedure

Dr. Bryan Selkin has helped many patients achieve their aesthetic goals with Botox. Botox treatments are completed in our office in a quick visit. Treatment begins with a consultation in which aesthetic and other skin concerns are discussed. Before administering Botox, the skin and underlying muscles are examined so that the treatment area can be identified. With just a few injections using a tiny needle, Botox is carefully administered into the treatment area. Most patients feel minimal to no discomfort throughout the process. After a single visit, skin can remain smoother for up to four months.

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