Effective acne treatment available from your dermatologist in Plano

Occasional breakouts can be somewhat distressing. Chronic acne can significantly impact a person's sense of confidence, and millions of individuals live with skin affected by acne at some point. Often, breakouts occur during stressful times or when hormonal fluctuations are at their peak. Though not a serious health concern, complexion problems do impact quality of life due to the fact that social situations, employment, and school life are all affected in some part by aesthetics. If effective treatment for acne is not obtained, there is a risk of scar development, further perpetuating the overall negative consequences of this condition.

There are two common approaches taken for the treatment of pimples. The first thing most people do when a breakout occurs is head to their nearest drug store to choose from an overwhelming selection of treatment options. Most of the products available commercially contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. In an effort to quickly resolve acne, the second approach taken is to use the chosen commercial product aggressively and wash with excessive force. Persistent acne often sends the frustrated sufferer from one product to another. In many cases, this combination actually facilitates an ongoing problem, rather than clearing acne.

Getting excellent results is not all that difficult when you work with your experienced dermatologist in the Plano area. Patients of the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Surgery benefit from the extensive training and clinical experience of our team. In the eyes of a board certified dermatologist, acne is not only a cosmetic problem, it is also a medical problem. Fortunately, it is a problem for which several effective solutions exist. In our practice, patients are treated individually, with care plans tailored to their needs so that natural health and attractiveness is restored to the skin.

To achieve optimal results from acne treatment, care begins with a thorough assessment of skin condition and skin type. Discussion regarding lifestyle factors and any medical problems takes place during consultation for care, and, from the data gathered, a customized clinical treatment plan is designed to first clear existing acne and, secondly, to manage the ongoing health of skin. When necessary, a treatment plan for acne scarring is also developed. We use topical medications, oral medications, and sometimes laser and light treatments as well.

Your skin is a personal asset. As such, it requires personalized care in order to remain healthy, clear, and attractive. To manage your skin effectively, contact the Center for Dermatology for your consultation.

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