When residents near 75024, 75028, & 75069 should see their dermatologist

The importance of excellent skin care cannot be overestimated. Our skin is not only the largest of our organs, but it also serves as a line of defense against the various hazards within the environment. Skin is regularly exposed to UV rays, minor injuries, and caustic substances, all of which can have a lasting impact. Just as your teeth need care from your dentist and your body care from your general physician, your skin will fair best with individualized care from your dermatologist.

There are two basic reasons why people from 75024, 75028, & 75069 areas may want to see a dermatologist: they have either a medical dermatological concern, or they wish to benefit from cosmetic dermatologic care.

Medical dermatology

One of the most important dermatologic visits is that which is focused on cancer screening. We are advised to become intimately familiar with our own skin by performing monthly examinations at home. These monthly skin checks, however, do not replace those provided in the dermatology setting. Your board certified dermatologist has undergone specific training in which suspicious markings are more readily identified. Cancer screenings performed by dermatologists have saved many lives.

Dermatologic care is also beneficial in several non-urgent situations, such as the development of a rash. Skin problems like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis can be more easily managed under the care of an experienced dermatologist, as well. Your skin specialist can not only help you gain control over an existing flare up, but can also help you implement the specific lifestyle and skin care habits that keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Cosmetic dermatology

There are so many factors that impact the general appearance of our skin. Changes occur over time as a result of sun exposure, stress, age, the level of skin care, and other habits. If you have experienced changes in your skin that have left you dissatisfied with your appearance, your dermatologist can formulate a plan to treat concerns safely and effectively. Today, there are a number of excellent treatment options available, most of which are non-invasive and comfortable. At the Center for Dermatology, men and women can address concerns like hyperpigmentation, sun spots, sagging skin, acne scarring and other scars, blemishes, and more.

We all deserve to live in skin that we feel happy with. For skin care personalized to your needs, contact us at 972-985-9003.

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